happiness without thought
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Upadesa Saram -
The Essence of the Teachings of Ramana Maharshi


22. What are you? Are you your body, senses or mind?
vigrah- indriya- praana dhii- tamaH
body sense organs energies mind ignorance

na- aham- eka- sat taj- jadaM hy- asat
am not I One Beingness that inert therefore unreal

You are not your body, senses, energies or mind; they have no voice, no beingness in themselves. You are the Beingness within which they occur.

Looking at the body, the senses, the energies that activate and maintain the body, and the functioning of the mind, you realize that they are all objects illuminated as they are brought into consciousness by a witnessing subject. They are inherently different from that aware witness. Only the witness is unchanging…

You cannot be both your elbow and the one who sees your elbow…realizing that all objects are changing and are not you, you remain as the unchanging witness… Your attachment to those changing tools and capabilities though which functioning or sensation occurs weakens and falls away. The structure of your identity changes as you remain as just this witness.

Seeing Body, senses, energy, mind
The unchanging witness that sees them
Cannot be these changelings
They are not you but somehow are within you And you are everything
So you cannot be any thing
So you are nothing
And everything is
28. What is your real nature?
kiM svaruupam- ity- aatma- darshane
what my real nature thus the Self recognition

avyaya - abhava- apuurnaa- cit- sukham
unchanging unborn always full consciousness happiness

Your real nature is unchanging, unborn, complete happiness.

If you inquire with deep curiosity into what your real nature it, you will see that it is the Awareness which sees the ever-changing body, thoughts and senses as objects. It is the unchanging screen upon which all of these appear. You realize that you are not those changing objects, but instead are that ever-present screen. You are that consciousness and complete happiness that never changes, that never begins or ends, and that requires nothing more to complete or fulfill it.

What am I really?
In the middle of the darkest night
What changes?
What doesn’t?
Ever changing body, senses, thoughts or
Unchanging, uncreated, ever full, being, awareness
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