MP3 Downloads

MP3 Downloads

Most of these mp3 files are taken from videos on Gary Weber’s YouTube channel. To play an mp3 in the browser, left-click on the link. To save the MP3 to your local computer, right-click on the link and choose “Save link as…” If the selection is also available as a video on YouTube, click on the ➲ symbol to view.

Dancing Hands for Lower Anxiety, Higher Cognition and Awakening
Chanting with Mudras – Blogpost February 2018

Awakening Beyond Thought Episodes
Interactive Dialogues with Gary Weber and Rich Doyle (SynchCast Episodes)

  • Episode 1 Part 1 October 5, 2014
    Dealing with Thoughts
  • Episode 1 Part 2 October 5, 2014
    Dealing with Thoughts, Working with, stopping and letting go of thoughts and our attachment to their stories and the “I” that makes them.
  • Episode 2 December 7, 2014
    Desire for Awakening, Self Inquiry, Chronic Pain. Dialogue on what aspirations for awakening are required for success, how to uncover them and strengthen them. Also, how to find, and work with your self-inquiry questions and how to deal with chronic illness with and without psychedelics.
  • Episode 3 January 11, 2015
    Uncaused happiness, self compassion, sweet stillness. Dialogue on aspects of nondual awakening including self-compassion, self-inquiry, stopping thoughts, speaking w/o thinking, sweetness/bliss of stillness, objectifying the subject, doing actions without narrative.
  • Episode 4 February 1, 2015
    Addictions Attachments Breath and Psychedelics. 03:29 When to change self-inquiry questions, 10:30 Psychedelics compared to meditation experiences, 21:52 Doing self-inquiry during the day, 31:15 Focusing on breath to reach stillness, 32:22 Grief and pain; letting go of the “I” addiction/attachment; Sex, social media, running, meditation as addictions, 43:31 Practices for letting go of attachment, 51:35 Marijuana with self inquiry as a practice? 56:20 Relationship of brain and ego/I neuroscientifically, 1:00:04 Default Mode Network’s role in mystical experiences in psychedelics and nondual awakening, 1:07:54 Suffering in Christianity, 1:12:00 Why is the success rate so low in nondual awakening?
  • Episode 5 March 1, 2015
    Anxiety, Bhakti, Sex, Chanting, Surrender. 03:24 Flatness and Dark Night of Soul, 06:56 Physical practice, 09:42 Self-inquiry and stopping thought, 15:00 Subject-object consciousness, 17:23 Ayahuasca research, 18:25 Anxiety, 20:33 Deconstructing ego/I – When am I?, 28:33 Sexual desire, 32:45 Internet porn, 35:00 Surrender practice and self-inquiry, 38:00 Chanting, 42:00 Chronic pain, 47:00 Extreme physical practices, 50:00 Awareness of thought, 53:00 Flotation tanks, 55:08 Mindfulness keeping away and holding space, 01:00:00 Childhood abuse, 01:02:00 Bhakti devotion approaches and self-inquiry, 01:11:40 Energy transmission Ramana Maharshi, 01:19:19 Salvia, cannabis, psilocybin and meditation. Uploaded 4/2/15
  • Episode 6 April 2, 2015
    Psychology, improv, no control, downsides to nonduality… Gary Weber and Rich Doyle in open dialogue on: 06:00 neuroscience and psychedelics, 11:00 Psychology and awakening, 20:00 projecting the future, 25:00 Improv teaching and speaking, 31:00 Apps for neurofeedback, 33:50 Internal chanting, 38:00 New OS, 44:00 No free will or control, 48:00 Elephant and rider brain, 55:00 Calamities and illness, 1:01:00 Failure as a species, 1:04:00 Downside to nonduality, 1:14:00 Keeping old stories around. Uploaded 4/23/15
  • Episode 7 May 5, 2015
    Self Inquiry Questions, Mindfulness, Work and Attachments… Gary Weber and Rich Doyle in dialogue answering questions on nondual awakening on: 03:10 When am I?, 07:12 Where am I?, 14:54 I am vs Who am I?, 20:00 Where does the I come from?, 24:00 Complex questions, 29:25 Mindfulness vs self-inquiry, 40:00 Philosophical approach, 44:00 Attachments, 49:00 Job selection, 55:27 Planning, problem solving, learning, 01:06:00 Do you get bored?, 01:12:00 Stagnation and heuristics, 01:18:00 Does it get impersonal?, 01:22:00 Desire for awakening and persistence. Uploaded 6/3/15
  • Episode 8 June 4, 2015
    Social Media, Thought Types, Reality, Devotion… Gary Weber and Rich Doyle in open, on-line Q&A on: 01:34 Into the Stillness dialogue new book, 05:50 Simplicity, 07:10 Perseverance, 07:40 Social media interference w/practice, 14:00 Trusting intuition, 16:20 Surrender, 21:31 Devotional practice, 25:08 Is the world real?, 33:50 Changing vs unchanging, 37:45 Useful films, 41:50 Conflict w/family, 45:20 Is Enlightenment “final” or continuing, 50:19 Different types of thoughts, 52:00 Problem solving, 57:20 Morning meditation, 59:20 Caffeine, 1:04:00 Watching the watcher, 1:06:35 Dreams, 1:12:40 Choosing self-inquiry questions, 1:15:00 Rich Doyle autobiography. Uploaded 7/13/15
  • Episode 9 August 6, 2015
    Relationships, Attachments, Not Knowing, and Levels… Rich Doyle and Gary Weber in open online Q&A webcast discussing: 02:59 Raising kids, 08:17 How the “I” arises, 09:33 Difficult teen years, 14:50 Stopping thoughts, 16:00 Types of thoughts, 20:00 Relationship attachments, 24:50 Love w/o an “I”, 27:00 Are emotions thoughts?, 34:00 Subject/object practice, 37:33 Self-inquiry practice, 40:00 Feeling the “I”, 44:00 Only don’t know, 49:30 Ego dissolution/Consciousness expansion, 52:15 Spontaneous teaching, 56:00 Agape, 58:00 You don’t think up what you say, 1:02:30 Describing Oneness, 1:05:58 GPS locator “I”, 1:11:00 Now, now, now, 1:13:00 How the brain creates mysticism, 1:15:57 Levels of awakening. Uploaded 9/03/15

Useful Chants for NonDual Awakening
Chants that can be useful for nondual awakening.



Gary Weber and Rich Doyle Dialogues
An ongoing engaging series of dialogues on nondual awakening.